iHeartMedia’s Cape Cod radio stations specialize in effective advertising campaigns. Here’s what businesses say about working with iHeartMedia.


New Advertisers

  • Since we started advertising on iHeartMedia our referral base has increased almost 40% and our name recognition has increased exponentially. I am always so excited when I get in my car and I hear us on-air because I know our advertising is working! iHeartMedia is helping us to accomplish our mission in our community.
  • Radio advertising was a new venture for our real estate business. However, I cannot imagine not having it moving forward. It is amazing how often I get stopped by people or get calls and Facebook messages from people telling me they heard my ad. I cannot compliment the production staff enough on creating the ads to be efficient and easy. You did not disappoint!
  • With a revenue increase of $2,000.00 each week, my ROI was more than I could have expected. I now employ 12 people and business is fantastic. I would highly recommend iHeartMedia. You have been fabulous to work with. I look forward to working with you into the future, and we have nothing but great things to say about the overall experience and results we have seen by using your company.
  • We love working with the folks over at iHeartMedia! They have been nothing but an extraordinary help with growing our business. One of our favorite things is the personal service that we get. You’re always willing to go above and beyond what is expected. We could not be more happy with the services you provide, as well as the relationships we have gained because of it.
  • Your team truly cares about our company, our patients and our success. It can be felt in our ads. The communication you have with me on a weekly basis, and the commitment you have for bringing fresh ideas, updates, and opportunities to the table. The only thing I would change about my relationship with iHeartMedia is that I would have signed a lot sooner. When patients come in talking about our ads or quote our punch lines, I know we must be doing something right, and that something is advertising with you.
  • I would like to express our gratitude on the help your staff has brought to our business. Once we began with iHeartMedia, we have seen a 150% increase in sales. You’re always available to discuss and make any changes if needed. You also comes to us when new promotions arise in order to give us the first chance for new opportunities. We couldn’t be happier.

Value & Results

  • iHeartMedia has been invaluable to our business. From radio to streaming to social media, they have consistently delivered results-based advertising that has helped grow our company.
  • iHeartMedia has been a great asset to our overall marketing success. Our account executive has been such an amazing asset to our marketing efforts, so much so that we do not need to hire a marketing firm.
  • We have been working with iHeartMedia for more than 15 years and have always had a great experience. Everyone in the organization has really gone the extra mile to make to get our name well known and exposed to the right audience. Our company uses endorsements, 15-second ads. iHeartRadio streaming ads, and multi-platform promotional opportunities. Partnering with iHeartMedia has helped our business grow and keeps us top-of-mind.
  • We have seen a 300% increase year over year with just adding two of your stations into our marketing strategy. Thanks again for all your help. You’re awesome marketing partners and we appreciate all you do for us!
  • Year after year, you consistently play a major part in our ability to grow revenue. Everything comes together when we hear back from our customers that we’ve made life a little easier with our products and services. Thank you so much for all you do for us and just know that we will be there with you well into the future.
  • I highly recommend iHeartMedia for real estate sales. It has more than paid for itself in home and lot sales. You consistently deliver 100+ appointments every month year after year.


  • As an agency, we are extremely busy and you make our lives so much easier! You’re always accommodating when our high maintenance clients need quick changes. iHeartMedia is a valuable advertising partner. Thank you so much!
  • I love working with iHeartMedia. They always come up with great ideas for my clients and creative ways to make our advertising dollars stretch. Our clients are well taken care of and when we place an advertising buy with your team, you always deliver the target demo we need.
  • On every occasion over the past several years, your staff has provided the utmost customer service and have always been able to respond to our integrated marketing needs. Regardless of the activity when I call, you’re always available with new radio promotions, online advertising and remote broadcast ideas.
  • Just a quick note to say how happy we are with our iHeartMedia partnership. You have successfully provided our clients with a direct line of communication to new customers. We look forward to a great year, thanks again for all you support.
  • I have been using iHeartRadio as our broadcast advertising partner for months. Working with your team has been a pleasure and I appreciate our clients telling us customers have come to them because they heard their ads on the radio.
  • iHeartMedia has been critical to our success in engaging our target demographic. Our commercials are innovative, cool, and current. Recently a client opened a new store and surveyed every customer that came through the door; 40% stated they heard about us on an iHeartMedia station! Our partnership with you is driving growth and critical to our client’s success.

Promotions & Events

  • Our recent promotion was a huge success. We received over 75 calls! The commercials were very informative and spoke knowledgeably about our program. Your stations did a great job promoting our business. We were very satisfied with our results and will definitely be advertising again.
  • We participated in a recent iHeartMedia promotion and generated 480 leads that are planning a home improvement project over the next 60-90 days. I am actually qualifying a client right now that heard our ad on your station.
  • We love being part of iHeartRadio events. We had the opportunity to engage with several thousand people and share our message. We look forward to participating every year. iHeartMedia is our new good luck charm.
  • Thank you for our successful remote broadcast. You took a personal interest in our event and we all appreciated that so much! I imagine you put that personal touch in all of your transactions, but just the same, I wanted to let you know we all felt like we made a great decision to have iHeartRadio as part of our marketing team!
  • I always enjoy sitting down with you and your staff to plan our next promotion. The stations you represent really have a great impact on the targeted age demographics that we are trying to reach. The execution of our programs is always conducted in a professional manner from start to finish. We appreciate and value our partnership and relationship with iHeartMedia.


  • You guys are terrific! The work that the iHeartMedia team does for us is phenomenal. We can always receive wonderful radio and online promotions that lead to numerous potential customers that help grow our business. It’s that great exposure that leads to an outstanding ROI. Your sponsorships have provided great return and working with the iHeartMedia team makes it especially easy.

Endorsement/Personality Ads

  • In my years of owning a business I’ve worked with print, TV, and radio. Nothing has ever done so great a job for us as radio. Working with iHeartMedia has been awesome. The team behind our campaigns do a great job finding the best solutions and your on-air talent is the best around. The listeners trust them with no reservation and it makes it easy to talk to our prospects.
  • iHeartRadio’s talent have a great way of endorsing our restaurant with genuine and authentic content that doesn’t feel scripted or rehearsed. We are very appreciative of your enthusiasm to understand our goals and your team’s creativity in helping us meet them. iHeartMedia is a key part of our marketing team. Our endorsement ads are appealing, articulate and have a familiarity that shine through as a trustworthy voice for our brand.
  • Thank you for all the positive feedback we receive from our endorsement ads. This is our second time using your station. We love how excited, motivated and genuine you are when talking about us on the radio. Again, we thank you from our entire team.
  • We have been so happy with our iHeartMedia radio advertising. Your morning team has done a great job producing our spots. They’re very creative and have voices that command attention. We plan to continue to use your stations to promote our company this year. Thanks for everything.
  • One of the most positive things we have done to promote our business is to have your announcers talk about us on-air. I am told frequently they heard about us on your stations. Thanks again for making this type of advertising available to us.


  • I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for our business. Your personalities have put amazing effort into helping our customers find us and promote our products. You’re a delight to work with. Your sincerity in quality advertising for us has meant the world to me! Your team has gone above and beyond and words cant express my gratitude.


Service & Creativity

  • I wanted you to know how pleased we are with iHeartMedia. You’re always professional, your staff is courteous, and your advertising team is very knowledgeable. Your group of stations have definitely increased our market share and revenue. Thank you!
  • Your advertising team has been fabulous to work with. They have positive attitudes and genuine enthusiasm. I have nothing but great things to say about the experience and results we have seen with iHeartMedia.
  • iHeartRadio has been a key player in our advertising efforts for over 10 years. Your advertising team does an excellent job building relationships and understanding our needs to better serve our company. Your staff continuously comes up with creative ways to get us involved with advertising campaigns that maximize our advertising budget.


  • We have worked with iHeartMedia for several years. Your staff takes great pride in what they do; taking our basic ideas and creating exactly what we want. We love working with a team who is extremely knowledgeable and talented.
  • Our dealership has a great relationship with iHeartMedia. Your advertising team makes themselves readily available whenever we need to brainstorm ideas or switch up our campaigns. You always comes to the table with awesome ideas that set us apart from the rest of the car dealers that are on air.
  • We are thrilled with the advertising relationship we have established with all the great folks at iHeartMedia. Your team truly cares about our success. In a world of national chains and big box stores, finding such a high level of encouragement and concern for a local business is really appreciated.
  • We are thrilled with the advertising relationship we have established with all the great folks we have met at the station. Your team truly cares about our success. In a world of national chains and big box stores, finding such a high level of encouragement and concern for a local business is really appreciated.
  • We have enjoyed working with iHeartMedia for years. You’re always professional, courteous, attentive, and dedicated to meeting our needs as a non-profit. The entire team is outstanding. iHeartMedia has stepped up for us in meeting many needs for the children in our community. Thank you for all you’ve done.

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